Information and Communication Technology (ICT) maintains a standard inventory of technical tools for use at USask. Please click on the boxes below to requisition items from the inventory.

The IT Requisitions site hosts hardware options that are best suited for our campus. These devices are expertly chosen, optimally configured, and efficiently delivered to our USask clients. Our hardware options provide USask users with:

  • worry-free computing experiences as these devices are selected due to their compatibility with our existing IT environment
  • increased security when integrating with USask systems
  • buying power with our vendors and ongoing value to our institution
  • consistent hardware streamlining IT Support requests

If the IT Requisitions site does not have a particular device, we will engage Procurement Operations to source it from an outside vendor. For those seeking Mac hardware, we provide users with purchasing access for Mac products via the Apple Education site. Such purchases are not subject to additional fees. Computer purchases made outside of, and without the support of IT Requisitions, will be charged a fee*(1,2) for initial setup on the USask network. Assistance with finding the right device is available by sending an email to our IT Requisition specialists.

  1. Setup and support fees for devices purchased outside of IT Requisitions are $90.00/hour.
  2. Colleges/departments/units with existing setup fee arrangements will be honoured per their MOUs.
Notes: PC alternatives integrate more readily into USask systems and support for Mac products may be limited by comparison. A CFOAPAL may be used in place of a PCard, where appropriate.


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If the standards provided do not meet your needs, please feel free to contact your college coordinator or USask IT Requisitions staff for consultation.

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